Insure your hotel reservations

Eliminates the risk of cancellation

We are pleased to present a new product developed by Europ Assistance Italia S.P.A., an assistance company for over 50 years with 300 million customers, 35 offices and 420,000 partners worldwide, in collaboration with INSIDER.


Adhering to the Hotel Safety Program distributed by INSIDER, each non-refundable reservation will be guaranteed by a travel insurance that will cover, in addition to cancellation for all unforeseeable and objectively documentable events -including of course those related to COVID-19 issues- a series of accidents that can happen to our guest. Hospitalization, baggage guarantee, roadside assistance, medical expenses and much more. All at a very low cost.


There are many answers to this question. Here are a few:

  • You will sell an insured prepaid rate on your website. This will allow the guest to benefit from a discount for the prepaid rate and at the same time have a policy that guarantees it in case of cancellation. And we know that prepaid, especially in this day and age, means starting to cash in.
  • Prepaid will be definitive: if the guest is no longer able to stay, there will be an insurance company that will reimburse them. In essence, the risk of cancellation will no longer fall on the hotel.
  • The product that we are going to advertise on our booking engine will be an exclusive that clients cannot have from other sales channels, but only from our website: a very powerful marketing tool.


The Hotel Safety Program distributed by INSIDER will automatically activate the policy for the client at the moment of the purchase of the reservation.
INSIDER will support you in the distribution of the policy cost within your rates, in the management of the data related to the activation of the policies and in the right marketing to communicate this great added value that you offer to your guests. 

Curious to know more? Contact us and we'll be happy to tell you more details.