Rates and availability unaligned, different strategies on sales channels, aggressive commercial practices. But still technically inadequate websites, underperforming booking engines, violated tariff integrity. Direct bookings do not take off and then you end up delegating sales to big OTAs. 


Why not let them do it all? 


We want to present you with an alternative: we will take care of the dynamic management of prices and strategies and we will do it with the help of the appropriate work tools.


We will help you gradually increase your revenue, ADR and the percentage of disintermediated bookings. You will have a team of analysts who will follow the sales of your facility every day. At any time.


To achieve these objectives, the information obtainable from PMS was not enough therefore we wanted to exceed its limits: now we have a Data Warehouse application with which we can reclassify the data with unlimited combinations.




Commercial Strategy Definition - Distribution Cost Assessment - Multichannel Distribution Management - Continuous Performance Analysis - Destination Demand Analysis - Prices Integrity Monitoring - Contract Negotiation with  O.T.A. and T.O / T.A.



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