01 Ott 2020

Breakfast at the Hotel: cost, service or marketing tool?

Always a sore thorn in the side of the hotelier, today we are talking about breakfast.

Hotel breakfast is like the mattress: great for some, terrible for others.
I certainly feel confident in saying that it is of crucial importance to our guests, and the statistics you will see in this article can confirm this.

And don't be surprised by the fact that those who normally only drink espresso in the morning demand eggs from you: it's called a vacation and those who go on vacation want to escape from everyday life.

Today I am going to tell you about a structure that I care a lot for a number of reasons and that needed a shake-up
Unfortunately we did not have the budget to act on various structural issues but something had to be done even if with reduced means. After an analysis of the reviews we decided, together with the property, to focus on breakfast
We do some surveys to understand how the breakfast service is managed and presented and we observe the flow of our guests along the various sections of the buffet. We analyze the food cost, design changes and look for new suppliers to support us.
We test the new layout of the buffet and with the staff we analyze the many and ever-present problems.
Finally we start the day x with the new breakfast and the feedbacks are immediately enthusiastic: after a couple of weeks the negative reviews have slowly given way to compliments for the service.
But the story doesn't end there.
It happens by chance after a short time that the same structure is to host a fellow hotelier that I estimate a lot and ... I couldn't resist asking him for feedback on the facility.
"You know, breakfast makes you forget everything that could be improved". These are his words.

The following image shows the service categories that most influenced facility sentiment.

What more could you hope for?

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If you'd like to show us your breakfast service and maybe offer us a coffee...feel free to contact us!

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