01 Mag 2017

When there is passion

It sounds like a cliché, but in our work without passion it is difficult to obtain appreciable results.

The inspiration is, as usual, a business trip to a friend/client; the place is an "improvised" breakfast room.


The term "improvised" doesn't return a good feeling especially when it comes to hospitality.

On the contrary, even an improvised solution can amaze our guests: there is no need of important spaces nor of exotic delicacies. The only necessary ingredient is passion.

Sometimes I'm convinced that some of my fellow hoteliers suffer from a sort of bipolar disorder: while at home they like to live comfortably, with all the comforts and in maniacal cleanliness, in their respective structures the standards are diametrically opposed.

When there are problems in the rooms I love to go in with the owner or manager and ask them the fateful question, "do your eyes see what mine see?"

Almost as if by magic, during these sessions, the property discovers that that room has a stained blanket or a badly repaired toilet seat. Other times, while walking together to the breakfast buffet, she finally becomes aware of the terrible set-up the staff is used to.

Yes, I already know that we have a lot to do, that there are emergencies, that the budget is what it is....

Let's be serious: this is our job. And the photo I've highlighted shows how with limited means and a lot of passion it's possible to amaze our guest when they wake up.

Why aren't the croissants tossed haphazardly onto the plate? Why are all the products arranged with logic and aesthetic appeal?

Simply because my friend/client in his work, in addition to the experience you gain, he puts passion in it.


Weel Done G.!

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